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Tri-State Auction does all types of Auctions. (Real Estate, Estate and Personal Property Auctions, Farm, Household, Antique, Implement, Business, Liquidations, Bankruptcy’s, Resort, Restaurant, Court Ordered, Foreclosures, Consignment, Tare Down, Cars and Recreational, Charity Auctions, any thing you can think of and More.)

Real Estate Auctions are the fastest and easiest way allowing the Seller to sell their property quickly. Real Estate is sold with no contingencies, guarantees or warranties of any kind.

Auction sales are charged a percentage on the gross. This percentage will vary upon your type of auction. We do not charge you a percentage and then surprise you with extra charges in the end for the help and other hidden fees like other may do. All charges are disclosed at the time of booking your auction. Consignments are charged on a percentage basis. Item pickup can be an option. This charge will be determined upon distance, quantity and time involved in that pick up. On occasion we will buy out Estates and households and offer them to you at auction.

We do not charge a buyer’s premium. We don’t want our auction prices determined by this. A buyer’s premium creates a ceiling on what the buyer will spend on the seller’s items. Along with the buyer’s premium, the buyer will factor in that premium when deciding what they want to spend on the sellers items. This tends to bring prices down on the items and the auction gross over all. Without a buyers premiums 99% of the time the buyers tends to and will bid higher on their purchases. We want the most for the seller as possible and totally strive to achieve that. The more the seller makes the more we make. We will charge sales tax when applicable.

Weekend sales are highly recommended due to the availability of attendance. More attendance brings higher auction dollars for your property.

                                             ON SITE AUCTIONS VERSES ONLINE AUCTIONS                                                                                      10 REASONS WHY ON SIGHTS AUCTIONS ARE BETTER!

On site auctions are highly recommended. The atmosphere and the crowd mood of the onsite auctions are high. Buyers like to experience, see for themselves, feel, and hear stories and history as to where the items are coming from. It also offers the conveniences  that an online auction does not. One, having to see and purchase at the same time. Two, knowing who you are bidding against.  Three, you are not relying on a picture that may or may not show important details. When you arrive to pick up the item you are not surprised by details you didn’t see or know. It may be to late you are now bound to your purchase. Four, you are making one trip to view the item and then a second to pick up the item if you win the bid and at the convenience  of the seller or Auctioneer. Five, waiting for the item or lot to close on a particular date. You don’t have immediate possession of the item. Six, less hassle. Your auction is over and done with in one day. All items are gone that day. Seven,  more money because misc and what you may consider junk sells too. Items you would throw away or items you think are worth nothing are sellable. You would be surprised the prices some of these items will fetch. Eight, very little or nothing left for the seller to dispose of.  Nine, the advertising base is larger with on sight Auctions for these reasons. Ten, on site auctions tend to bring the more money. It gives the buyer a sense of the items past which promotes competitive bidding. We hear these things every day from buyers. We listen. Their opinions are important to us. This is what we feel makes a successful business.

Our sellers as well as our buyers are important to us. We have a loyalty to both the seller as well as the buyer. Each auction we do, we increase our following crowd. We see buyer faces that we can count on at each and every sale. Buyers we soon consider good friends.

Tri-State Auction provides a personal and complete service involving complete set ups from start to finish. Set ups where the Sellers need not take part at all if he or she so chooses. If the Sellers prefer to do their own setup, that’s fine too. Most anything can be arranged to fit the Sellers needs. We conducted and auctioned the Estates of both of our parents. We know the memories that come to mind as each item is being held up to sell. Each auction is done with the utmost respect for the sellers and their families. Auctions are done for clients that just can’t be present and for those that simply don’t want to be present. You need not be there if you prefer not to. We do auctions for clients that are in attendance too. Each Auction is different and each has different circumstances and requirements. We’ve handled them all while doing our best to keep in mind what the seller wants and needs.

Consignments are accepted. Our crew will pick up your items for an additional charge. We can store your items until the proper auction. The auction where we feel your items will fetch the best prices. However storage is very limited and does carry an extra charge. Consignment and individual on site booked auction sales have different fees.

Another service we provide is Personal Property Appraisals. (Estates, Court ordered appraisals, Insurance Company appraisals, you name it and more.)

Absentee bids are accepted. This is where the buyer does not need to be present. We will bid for you. There is no charge for this service but there are requirements that apply.

Lunches and bathroom facilities are provided at all auctions.

We use a hand and pen type of clerking system over the computerized system. There are many and better advantages to our business with this form of clerking. The biggest advantage for us is the speed in which the sale can move along. We like to sell fast. It keeps our buyers interested. In most cases corrections are made quickly without interrupting and stopping the auctioneer so the clerk can catch up. It’s no fun for us or the buyers to drag a sale out. The only disadvantage to this system is the Buyer may need to wait for their slips to come into the cashier before they can pay. The wait is minimal and usually only minutes. Many well established Auctioneers and Auction companies that have used the computerized system in the past have changed back or returned to the hand and pen method of clerking. We run a very successful business and have been around a long time. We know what works and what doesn’t. Most of all we know what is best for our business and for you.

Good weather can’t be promised however; inclement weather has little to NO bearing on the business or auction sale. People come out and attend in, fair weather, rain, snow, cold, heat or foul. The only requirement is that you must bring your own chairs, coats, hats and boots though!