Dear Justin & Janet,

"Thank you so much. You know Verdayne followed your auctions & loved them all. I wouldn’t refer you if I didn’t think that you do a great job. Keep up the good work & don’t forget to have fun. Take good care of each other."

Shirley Hanson
Bayfield, WI

Dear Friends,

"We want to thank you for your hard work in our behalf. We would like to give you a gift. We hope that we will meet again. I already miss Hayward."

Milford, Lelora & John Studell
Minneapolis, MN

Dear Janet & Justin,

"Thank you for picking up and selling the items I had boxed up. Estate items as they accumulate become so overwhelming. Thanks for doing what you do, and doing it so well."

Karen Anderson
Drummond, WI
Dear Justin and Janet,

"Better late then never! I finally located your address to thank you. Cecelia was pleased with the outcome. It was appreciated that you took time out of your busy schedule. Thanks for the nice thing you did for us. We really appreciate your kindness. Thanks again."

Martha Roth
St. Louis, Missouri
During the Fall of 2010

"I found myself in need of an Auctioneer to disperse of an estate. As I searched and asked questions, looking for the right company I contacted Justin and Janet Hall, owners of Tri-State Auction Service. Justin and Janet are first class professionals, who take time with their clients in preparation for the day that the sale takes place. They confidently work with families to be sure that everything that is to take place is ready when that special day arrives. They give their clients ample opportunity to do as much of the preparation work as they desire, or they will do it all. All of the costs of the Auction are discussed up front along with their commission which I found to be extremely fair. I am confident that if you are looking for and Auction Service you need look no further. Tri-State is the service for you!!!"

Alan Lundquist
Ashland, WI
Justin and Janet,

"Thanks! I couldn’t be more pleased with the way things turned out–what a relief! We look back and say it couldn’t have gone much better! Thanks to you and your crew for all the professionalism, hard work and dedication to make sure it went off without any problems. First, you were very patient ant took the time to explain everything and make things easier. I always felt like you were being honest and putting us as your customer first. There are so many things that could have gone wrong but they didn’t. As I said before, you worked hard to get the most for the items, even those $ 1 items and we appreciate that. Thanks again. I’m glad we hired you and would gladly recommend your services!"

Steve and Elizabeth Strabel
Dear Justin,

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for conducting the auction at the Moose Lodge. At times I find myself focusing on those individuals who seem to less than sincere. March 6th tends to renew my belief that the vast majority of people we encounter in life, is good, and generous. I realize you were quite busy as I was the one that piled the work on you. I hope that you noticed the atmosphere at the auction. People were laughing, smiling. In your line of work I imagine that you receive many comments few of which are complimentary. For the record, thanks for being there when ever I call upon you. Thank you Justin and pass my thanks along to your wife-together you are quite a team."

Bill Van Fossen
Hayward, WI
Tri-State Auction Service

"Justin and Janet Hall were the auction service we called upon to handle my brother’s, estate when he passed away after many years of illness. We found their work to be both professional, thorough, and with utmost kindness, and sensitivity. Justin and Janet were always prompt. If a time was set they were there. I can not express what a complete and thorough job they did. They went to great lengths to achieve a great result for us. They and their associates handle all our valuables with extreme care. When the auction was over they made sure that all liter was taken. If you are considering an auction I can not recommend them more highly. Please consider Tri-State Auction Service Justin and Janet Hall. If you want professional results, and great service."

Elsie Poweres
"Thank you so much for your donation "to the Randy Larry/Tom Torgrimson Memorial golf tournament. It was due to you and your generosity that this was a huge success with funds raised going to the Erik Larry Skate Park. Again Thank you"

Erik Lawry, signed by Dee Lawry
Hayward, WI
Dear Justin,

Leon & Betty Pastika (Estate Auction)
"Leon would have been proud of you- I can't understand how your voice lasts. I am happy! "

Frank Mohr
Hayward, Wi
Dear Justin and Janet,

"Thank you so much for all your help taking care of our auction on Lake Windigo. You did an excellent job and we appreciate the professional service that Tri-State provides. We have wonderful memories of our 23 years in Hayward. You helped to ease the pain of leaving by taking care of things for us. In the future we hope to visit and thank you in person."

Herb Salberg
Palm Bay, Fl
Dear Justin, Glynn and Janet,

"You three are about the finest people we have ever met! Thank you for being such wonderful people—I shall never forget your help and generosity. I will remember all of you in my prayers and you will surely be rewarded. I am getting an education while settling my brother’s estate. At least, you have been a shining light amid so much doom and gloom!"

Helen Eustice
Ladd, Illinois
Dear Justin and Janet,

"I was so pleased with the outcome of our Minong Auction. The weather certainly cooperated. The crowd seemed to enjoy your auction voice. The final figure was a good result. Your presentation was like a scrapbook showing the items and prices. This was a first experience for me: and my neighbor, loved the auction. I enjoyed meeting you both and thank you for the wonderful job you did on my auction."

Jean Bell
Middleton, WI
Dear Justin and Janet Hall,

"I’ve been going through the auction slips and it’s surprising how high the bidding was on items. A friend of mine who has gone to a lot of auctions was there from Ladysmith. She was really impressed with the way everything was displayed and even drew a sketch to show me how things were arranged and wrote that the auctioneers were really GOOD. So thank you for a job well done."

Leona Nelson
Leavanworth, WA
Tri-State Auction Service has done Thousands of different types of Auction Sales. Perhaps you were one of them. Many Auction Sales have been done for the same individual two, three and four times. That says Trust, Satisfaction and the only auction company to hire. We always say, "You hire the best and we do the rest."

Moose Café Restaurant (Hayward, Wi)
Estate of Anthony Wise legendary founder of The Telemark Ski Resort, The American Birkibeiner, The Lumberjack Bowl and Cook Shanty, Indian Pow Wow Grounds and Pow Wow’s, The Famous Hayward Log Rolling event and more. (Hayward, Wi)
The Famous Lumberjack Cook Shanty (Hayward, Wi)
Jerry Holter World known Folk Art Wood Carver (Clam Lake, Wi)
Ashland Shoe Store (Ashland Landmark 100 Yrs Old)
Springbrook Lumber
Kentucky Fried Chicken (Ashland, Wi)
Vernon Construction Estate (Ashland,Wi)
Hayward Small Engine
Spooner Glass
Husky Corporation (Spooner)
The Michigan Carpet Store (Ironwood MIchigan)
Little Bit of Sweeden (Hayward, Wi)
The Toy Stop (Hayward, Wi)
The Hayward Ice Cream Parlor
Rosco Butterfield Well & Pump Inc. (Hayward, Wi)
Kentucky Fried Chicken (Hayward, Wi)
Winsor's Dive Shop (Hayward, Wi)
Pastika's Sport Shop (100 Year Old Business) (Hayward, Wi)
Estate Of Leon And Betty Pastika's Owners and one of the Three founder Generations of Paskita's Sport Shop (Hayward, Wi)
Thousands of Estate, Real Estate and Personal Property Auctions
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