janet_hallWorking together, Mother and Grand Mother Lillian Olson and Grand Daughter Janet Lynn Hall Sprenger

A good description of Tri-State Auction Service is the business that has compassed five generations in the same family. Totally family run. It started when out of the blue, Glynn call Justin and said “I enrolled us in the top Auction School in the Nation. The Reisch World Wide College of Auctioneers in Mason City Iowa.” He said “were going to be Auctioneers.” So off to Auction School they went. The school was grueling starting at 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. every day. They were isolated from family. Not even a phone call home. Justin recalls, “it to be similar to a military training camp.

So started the partnership of the first and second generation of Tri-State Auction Service: Glynn and Lillian Olson, Son in law Justin and Daughter and Wife Janet Olson Hall all partners. Auctioneers, Cashier, & Clerk. Shortly after Janet Lynn Daughter of Justin and Janet stepped in to help and learn the Cashier end of the business. Janet and Justin’s children- Lisa, Janet Lynn and Adam- began working with their parents and grandparents in the business as the third generation growing up. Janet Lynn since age 12 sat side by side with their Grand Mother Lillian as the Cashier and Record Keeper learning that end of the business. Lisa stepped in as Clerk and Ring Man for her Father and Mother. Son Adam worked side by side for bids as a Ring Man for his Grand Father Glynn and Father Justin while later becoming and Auctioneer himself. In

1993 the Tri-State Auction family suffered a huge blow. Lillian Olson, Mother, and Partner, of the business passed away. The heart of the business was taken away and sized the 4 workers to cover as 3. Now scrambling to cover all the things she was doing. Then and now and at age 18 Grand Daughter Janet Lynn stepped up full time into her Grand Mothers position. She has many years of training. Never the less it was a  Daunting job. She had a great Responsibility. Greater than any position in the business.  Later Grand Daughters Julie and Ashley now fill in for Janet Lynn. All the Grand and Great Grand Children have now entered into the business working on various working crews.

Grand Son of Glynn Olson & Lillian Olson and Son of Justin & Janet Hall
Auctioneer Adam Hall

Janet Lynn is still a strong and original family member with Tri-State today at age 42. Janet Lynn married Pat Sprenger and Ashley married Joe Land.  Adding more family to the business.  All of the Grand and Great Grand Children work in the business started them as low as 3 years old running slips and light jobs.  The family duties consist of Auctioneering, Ring Man, Setups, & Slip Runners, They even help with the lunches for their Mother Janet Lynn. Where ever they are needed.  In 1997 the family again suffered another blow when they lost Glynn Olson, Father, Partner, Founder Auctioneer of the business. This now left only 2. Scrambling again with only 2 left to pick up the responsibilties. Son in Law Justin Hall and wife and Daughter Janet were now the sole of Tri-State Auction Service. Justin was now the only Auctioneer in the family while wife and Mother Janet was still Clerking all the sales and having now picked up all the paper work too. For many years as a little boy Adam’s Grandfather Glynn would sit Grand Son Adam and teach him the chants of an Auctioneer. “  passing on his legicy. He told Adam that one day he would also be an Auctioneer.” Adam was eager to learn. At the age of 16 Adam was ready and stepped into his Grandfathers shoes as and Auctioneer working alongside his Dad Justin. They were mighty big shoes to fill as an Auctioneer, but he did it making his Grand Father above proud and smile. Adam married Cindy Martin from Idaho and have two children Emma and Madison. Both showing promise in the business in the future. Adam works with his Father Justin occasionally and on his own as an Auctioneer in Sand Point, Idaho. There is talk from Adam that he will soon be opening a branch of the Tri-State Auction business there. Lisa married Rich Martin. Adding four children. Julie, Ashley, Reone and Gunnar. They are all now a working fourth generation. Lisa's Daughter Ashley has been working on her chanting for years now. Ashley and Joe starting the  fifth Generation being the Great Grand Children, Zandra, Aurora, & Tucker.  Zandra is already showing signs of becoming a future Auctioneer. Julie married Keene Loder adding four more Great Grand Children to that fifth generation there as well. They all carry their weight in the business whether it be Cashier, Clerking, Ring Man, or Setup.  So you see we will be here for many more yet generations!

This being a five generation auction business and with the past years of total commitment, The Hall family and Tri-State Auction, you can bet will keep producing many, many more generations of auctioneers, and they will keep doing what they are so good at and, and truly love doing......AUCTIONS. You have to enjoy your work to commit yourself to every weekend of every month of the year along with daily and evening auction set ups. It’s a 24/7 business. Tri-State Auction has gone through many changes in the past 50 years. The people and business it's self will change.  Depending on what the future demands for us to stay in business and progress with the times.

So now you have the rest of the story.